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Corporate Trainer was asked...20 September 2018

Describe how you would handle a newly hired employee who was not fully engaging in their mandatory training program?

5 Answers

Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

1. Incorporate training in organisational culture. 2. Give regular feedback. ... 3. Keep it interesting... 4. Contextualise your employees' training.. 5. 5. Make the training relevant for the individual. 6. Identify employee strengths.... 7. Emphasise the long-term career prospects... 8. Recognise their expertise. Less

I will handle this situation because it should be our duty to keep their pace

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Reynolds and Reynolds

Nobody could expend the effort to speak with me.

4 Answers

I just went through their crap again after doing it a few yrs. ago - thought maybe it had changed. Nope. Same 'ol BS. Waste of time. They make it clear they do discriminate and are not interested in anyone unless they have a high IQ or are recent college grads. So the EEO statement is correct, but it doesn't say they can't discriminate because a person doesn't have an IQ that meets their levels. Less

I'm working on the practice assessment for the interview and frustrated with the math, it's been over 30 years since I've done any math like on this application. Yes, this is some basic, high school math, but I'm very far removed from needing to use algebra or trig. It's understandable that the company wants savvy employees, but this math is going to kill my chances to demonstrate my training skills! I am skilled at teaching others how to use their software or other tools, not in figuring relationships among numbers. Less

This review is a joke. Almost every job nowadays that's worth anything has assessments, sure this one was a little long but many other jobs have similar length assessments. The tests consisted of basic math, common sense, and made sure you could recognize patterns. It was not hard at all, so since you failed it twice that says a lot about you. And now you go on Glassdoor to give a 1-star review, because how dare they reject you for not being smart enough for the job instead of quickly giving you an offer because of an "inside recommendation". They dodged a bullet not hiring you. Less

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The Intuitive Group

If you are in charge of 30 people and there were 5 that were doing really well, 10 that were mediocre and 5 that were just not doing their job and not putting in any effort, how would you effectively better the situation?

4 Answers

I would have one on one with the 5 not doing their jobs and trying to determine if the reason they are not performing well had to do with them needing additional training or guidance before making a decision of firing them. Next I would have one on one with the 10 mediocre employees and find ways to motivate them to want to do better or see if them too need additional training or guidance. I would also have one on one with the 5 doing well to praise them for doing well and to show them their hard work is acknowledged and recognized. Less

I would find my last 10 employees :)

I would figure out the 'WIIFMs' for the 5 not putting in effort, and come up with a POA for them in a one-o-one session. Make the 5 good ones take some responsibility for the 10 mediocre associates, which would inculcate peer learning and inter- team interactions. Less

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Which of the two positions presented are you interest in?

4 Answers

The position that gets my feet in the door!

The position that gets my feet in the door

The position that gets my feet in the door

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Tell me about your self

4 Answers

I gave complete details about me to HR

My Name is komal hemant shinde i am studing engineering in jspmntc college my trade is electronics and telecommunication. In my family we are four of us my mom ,dad,elder brother and me.My father is police,my mother is housewife and my elder brother works in private company. Less

My name is Pingal Malhari Waghmare. completed diploma in E andTC with 68 percentage. And completed PGDIA course in prolific system pune. Also completed TCS Face training and got Internship certificate from TCS. Now studying in final year engginering from JSPM NTC Pune. I got state level championship in running. also good confidence and stage courage. managing people well. Also managing time well. Giving first priority. Hobbies are Making new friends specially from different cultures and places. Less

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How can you motivate learner's to prepare for their English Lessons?

3 Answers

You got a job as an English trainer with grammar such as "learner's"? Fake review. Less

They do not motivate their trainers at all, there is no encouragement as such. They do not provide with enough training or actual support and answers to your questions but rather leave them unanswered , be it management or training centre in the effing third world Less

Make the lessons relevant to their English Speaking Needs

Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services

Do you know how to use PowerPoint?

3 Answers

I am familiar with all Microsoft products, including PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Less


Yes I know

where did I see myself in 3 to 5 years

3 Answers

this review was written by the business owner i use to work for this company is a pyramid sales scheme that lies to candidates to come work for them Less

this review was written by the business owner i use to work for this company is a pyramid sales scheme that lies to candidates to come work for them Less

I explained to the manager my goals of growing and learning with a company

First American Financial Corporation

Can you type?

3 Answers

Yes, I can.

Yes,I can type sir/madam


True Potential Marketing

What do I look for in a business?

2 Answers

Growth and training

Stability and company culture

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