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Envisage a marketing startegy for our product

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I prepared storyboard using illustrations,

Questions are depends on job profile but few questions are basic like 1) about yourself ? 2) experience? 3) why you want to work with us?

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Which one of the previous jobs were your best job?

Will you be okay to change the industry you are currently working in.

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Why did you leave your first job? Why did you leave the largest advertising agency in Mumbai? Why did you not take a severance package and opt for a lateral move when the department shut down.

Did you even understand the job description? The role was to lead a team creating promotional banners. A job any senior art director will perform with ease. The question was of volume which could be easily handled by someone who has worked in advertising for 15 years.

Its been long, I don't remember but it was all about previous company experience and campaign ideas.

Don't you think you're overpaid? Considering that you've joined some places that weren't great, places no one else would go to and you've extortioned a higher salary out of them?

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