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Creative Recruiter was asked...21 June 2022

Why are you interested in recruiting?


How do you see yourself adding value to this team at Emma?


What do you know about VT? What do you know about this position and why are you interested in it? Describe your experience connecting people, networking and building lasting relationships.

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What do you anticipate being one of your challenges coming into this role?

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How would you approach this job?

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What Inspires you to help connect people with new opportunities for their career?


Tell me about a time that a bad result came from a decision you made and how did you fix the situation and/or mitigate the conflict?


I don't want to give away specifics, but I would advise being comfortable with the standard interview fare: tell me about yourself (where you're from, what you've done professionally), why are you interested in this position/Squarespace as a company, etc.

Robert Half

Are you in this for the money or for helping people find a job?

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Didn't get to the actual interview. Turned off by their email asking me a question re: my resume.

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