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Creative Writer - Google Assistant was asked...30 May 2017

Write responses as a crazy professor and a nice concierge. Question 1) How are you? 2) I am bored 3) Do I look old? etc.

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I had to write the answers in English as well as in language. I think they wanted to see how creative yet informative you write. Less


After a taping, if some of the wrestlers (he told me that normally he would say the female wrestlers but since I was a female, he flipped it to male wrestlers) asked to hang out at the bar, would I go to the bar or to the elevator (meaning: my room.)

2 Answers

My room. (No clue if that was the "correct" answer or not, but it was the true answer. lol) Less

I have a question, did you at all have any experience or any thigh that got you noticed more? What type of things should you have? I been trying my hardest to work for them but it is so hard Less

Pleasant Solutions

Thomas asked me to imagine what my week would look like, how many hours I wanted to work and what time I would like to arrive and leave. He then did a comparison between the company I was working for weighing the pros and cons of working here or staying where I was. The flexible hours won me over, I loved the idea of being able to eliminate day care costs and pick up my children early from school.

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Thomas allowed me to sit and think about what I wanted, what my week to look like, the hours I worked, the time I arrived and left. He gave me as much time as I wanted to consider it and focused on answering emails. I wished I had a pen and paper, as it would have been easier to write it all down, but giving me the time to envision my life style while working there was a smart way to win me over. Less

Book Laugh Vast New possibilities

Quality or quantity.

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I said quality. They said they didn't believe in it which confused me since it was a publishing company and quality should be one of the top priorities for published books, especially if it is non-fiction. Less

Spin Master

Have you ever worked in the toy industry?

1 Answers

No, but I am adaptable and do not foresee any difficulty learning the specifics of the industry. Less

Decision Resources Group


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Differentiate between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. What makes theym different. Explain 4 types of teeth

1 Answers

No matter what you answer doesn't make any sense.

TheSoul Publishing

Between two companies offering you the same salary, what would make the difference?

1 Answers

The values of the company.

Actual SEO Media

How's your writing?

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I have strong writing abilities commended by my marketing professors when it came to writing reports and essays. Less

Actual SEO Media

Do you like writing?

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Yes, I studied in school marketing because I had interest in writing and communications. Less

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