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Credit analyst Interview Questions


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Credit decision making

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Describe securitization in brief

4 Answers

Why do you want to be in sales? What makes you think you are fit for sales job? Why home loans/credit cards?

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Are u able u handle team size of 20 people...???

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What is CIBIL and good score of it

2 Answers

On what basis a home loan is approved

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Wrost exp

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Where I am from? Tell us about yourself. Why engineering and then into Credit. Why HDB? Case studies like in this situation should a person get loan or not. Don't worry about percentage or exact figure. Securitization? CIBIL? 5C? Bank ratios etc

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Logic Important industry ratios Credit analysis Most important is the approach that different ratings ng agencies follow for rating

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He asked me the questions about underwriting and legality of properties.

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