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Describe securitization in brief

4 Answers

securitization means that company sell his asset portfolio to other company is known as securitization

The process of selling your asset pool to a buyer by structuring it as securities.

Is the process by which group of illiquid asset or assets is transformed into security. Financial Institutions originates numerous mortgages which are secured by claim agnst. various properties. A pool is made which is held by Trust as colletral security.

Why do you want to be in sales? What makes you think you are fit for sales job? Why home loans/credit cards?

3 Answers

Are u able u handle team size of 20 people...???

1 Answer

What is CIBIL and good score of it

2 Answers

Wrost exp

2 Answers

Where I am from? Tell us about yourself. Why engineering and then into Credit. Why HDB? Case studies like in this situation should a person get loan or not. Don't worry about percentage or exact figure. Securitization? CIBIL? 5C? Bank ratios etc

2 Answers

He asked me the questions about underwriting and legality of properties.

2 Answers

back ground of family, present load of work, etc

1 Answer

why you want to choose Indiabulls How you can justify your skill set with our job profile How much you know about analysis of financial statement , EIC, Financial forecasting How much you rate yourself in Ms excel On what basis you should take call on particular client profile weather they are eligible for funding or not

1 Answer

How do you calculate DSCR ratio

1 Answer
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