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For the designation of PI Engineer(Application Software) they basically ask you question related to DBMS(sql queries,join, etc). Basic programming to understand your logical reasoning, Basics of JAVA and C programming.

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Basically the difficulty level is not that high you should be confident of what you are saying, I answered each and every question calmly and the interviewer is also very supportive. They are their for your selection first... If you clear this we will meet soon.. All the best..

About Futures and options in details. Hedging strategies were asked, concentrated more on terms and definitions and their relation

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What do we see in a company before giving loan? What is transfer pricing

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Describe different sorts Explain DBMS. SQL clauses and few SQL queries. One brain teaser.

Payoff diagrams for straddle and strangle. Credit Default Swap, Interest Rate swap

Regarding types of customers or applicant who can avail the loans & their documentations required.

Questions about the Balance Sheet and Income Statements, basic finance questions like Beta, Lease treatments etc.

Why US? Why this profile? What you know about us? Competitors? Impairment Calculation? Goodwill valuation? Many questions on Financial Statements

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