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Credit Risk Analyst Interview Questions


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About Futures and options in details. Hedging strategies were asked, concentrated more on terms and definitions and their relation

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Option Trading strategy, hedging etc

What do we see in a company before giving loan? What is transfer pricing

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What is operator overloading and method overloading? explain

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Why US? Why this profile? What you know about us? Competitors? Impairment Calculation? Goodwill valuation? Many questions on Financial Statements

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Suppose ANZ wants to open a branch in Kolkata. How should it decide on whether to form a partnership with another bank? (What factors need to be taken into account)

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Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

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Describe different sorts Explain DBMS. SQL clauses and few SQL queries. One brain teaser.

Payoff diagrams for straddle and strangle. Credit Default Swap, Interest Rate swap

Regarding types of customers or applicant who can avail the loans & their documentations required.

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