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It is Backdoor recruitment and Charges are 1 Lakh. Are you ready to Pay.

8 Answers

Please give me your number

I'm ready to pay but job is permanent guarantee???

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Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to join the company?

4 Answers

how you are able to do this job?

3 Answers

Why would you like to work in the aviation industry?

3 Answers

If YES, You call us, pay amount and Join next day. If NO, Please do not waste our time..

3 Answers

what do you think is the most imprtant quality in a customer care executive ??

2 Answers

why do u want to join us?

3 Answers

1.Tell me about yourself? 2.Projects 3. CN

3 Answers

Would you sign a bond if I give you just now ?

2 Answers

Which process do you want?

3 Answers
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