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Manager, Business Customer Operations was asked...16 November 2011

Reversal - I asked the interviewer what they thought of Comcast and why they liked working there.

1 Answers

This question took 2 of the interviewers off guard, but they seemed pleased by my direct questioning and willingness to hear their personal perspectives. It seemed like they did not get asked this question often. Less

American Commercial Barge Line

What type experience did I have in dispatch and customer service

1 Answers

I explained my dispatch & customer service background


What attracted me to the role?

1 Answers

I researched the company and was compelled by the products and growth opportunities in the marketplace. Less


How would you feel in a position where you will not be managing people, will you feel you stepped down?

1 Answers

I am ready to take on another type of challenge that does not involve managing people, and I am not ruling out moving back into people management further down the line. Less


Why are you applying for this position?

1 Answers

I have been working for years on the same area and I have the experience and expertise to be a Customer Engagement Operations Manager. Besides that, this company is growing and I want to be part of a company that is small but growing fast with an excellent business outlook. Less


What does customer service mean to you?

1 Answers

Just a comment on the interviewing tactics of this company. Sounds like something Joe Navarro would do. A basic video interrogation that is taped so they can review facial tells. Strange company. Might as well hook you up to a lie detector but, I guess that would be illegal. Less


We believe we have another candidate who might be more qualified, but would still like to consider bringing you on. We would like to ask one final question to help us make our decision. Can you please respond to this case (related very specifically to the position)?

1 Answers

I was able to answer the question and speak strongly about the topic and ended up getting the offer Less

Chipman Relocation & Logistics

I honestly cannot think of a question. It was not a blind interview, many people had recommended me for hire so the interviews were more of a discussion of my knowledge.

1 Answers

Everything was great until the last interview. I was ready to start work immediately at my old desk. I was even introduced to a new hire as someone they would be working with. Less

WLT Group

What type of goals would you have for your team to enhance productivity?

1 Answers

I would review current skill sets and then set up a Training Matrix to improve Team Knowledge and Performance. Once this was completed I would then schedule training time during slowed service times at the site to give each employee the opportunity to enhance and grow their skill sets. Less


Tell me what you feel looks challenging on the job spec.

1 Answers

The transition itself may be, but more understanding the competitive landscape.

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