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Since, I was hired for technical process, the questions in interview were specific to technical products. Apart from tech, marketing angle was also included. For ex- how will you convince your customer to buy a product.

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i will be praising my technical product from my heart & heart is always right it will make me help to convince the customer . thank you

Why do you want to leave your present job.

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Selling skills

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Difficult questions that arose were that I had no prior sales experience and also the fact that I didnt know the local language. It depends on the way you answer those questions and I was helped by the fact that I had a passion to work and learn in PepsiCo. Wear your passion on your sleeve. Interviewers look for it the most.

The questions was posted randomly and their expectation was very high too. For some of the candidates there was no questions the need to solve a problem like planning the budget, break even analysis etc.,

Why you want to join Daimler? Your Strength and Weekness ? Current Profile? About Yourself.

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1. If you had to attend 5000 calls in a week (5 days) from customers, how many associates would you require? 2. Difference between customer centricity and customer obsession 3. Details about all internships/projects/work exp 4. Principles of Leadership by Amazon 5. If 2 associates in your team are in a relationship and it is affecting the business, how will you react? 6. How will you encourage your team to come to office on 26th January, when it's a holiday 7. Draft a customer order confirmation mail. 8. Tell a situation when you handled data or did data analysis 9. Tell a situation when you lead a team 10. Tell a situation when you saved money 11. Your understanding of the role

why do you wanna become a banker ? what is fixed deposit ? what is a current a/c ?

They asked me to share any instance where I helped my customer.

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Tell me about yourself

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