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Customer service manager Interview Questions


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It is Backdoor recruitment and Charges are 1 Lakh. Are you ready to Pay.

9 Answers

Please give me your number

I'm ready to pay but job is permanent guarantee???

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what will you be after 5 years from now??

5 Answers

Have you visited a metropolis center?

4 Answers

Most difficult question was why you want to change if the previous company is giving you good hike in salary and promotion.

4 Answers

why do u leave u r last job?

4 Answers

What is the total commercial real estate business in Pune?

3 Answers

How do you handle stress?

3 Answers

Salary Expectation

3 Answers

If YES, You call us, pay amount and Join next day. If NO, Please do not waste our time..

3 Answers

Why Radio Mirchi and why did I quit my last Job

4 Answers
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