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You've a 4 hour sandclock and a 7 hour sandclock. How will you measure 9 hours using them

3 Answers

First start both clocks and then stop 7hour clock after 2hours and continue the 4 hour clock untill its get over and then start 7 hour total 5+4=9hours

instead of hrs in mins // Step Time 4 minute timer 7 minute timer 1 0 min Start Start 2 4 mins Flip 3 minutes left 3 7 mins 1 minute left Flip 4 8 mins Stop Flip (1 minute left) 5 9 mins Stop //

They are only asking about my previous job responsibilities

1 Answer

As I was a fresher, the whole interview was based on my internship project. be prepared with questions like why MBA or why Perfios. What do you expect from them.

Previous employer experience. Basic DB queries.

Self intro What do you know about freshdesk? Why do you want to work at Freshdesk? What do you feel is necessary for a person to have who looks to work in this post? Market a product of your choice. (Target audience was given) Working in a stratup and working in other service based IT companies is different. What is this the difference and what makes you feel that you're fit for this job? (Basically, prove that you're THE person for that job.(self-marketing))