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Customer Support Field Service was asked...26 December 2015

have you ever been fired or asked to leave

6 Answers

yes of course -- because liars thieves and embezzlers and such don't like me

They like it when you tell them that u lied for them

In this industry every one is a liar and embezzler

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Question 1: You have a railroad track that run along the equator of the earth. You build a second railroad track exactly one meter above the first track. What is the increase in length?

5 Answers

Well, assuming the equation is 2*pi*(R+1)-2*pi(R), I think the correct answer should be 2*pi Less

Yeah, it is 2*pi...

There is no increase in length. Rather there will be decrease in lenght as equator had the largest radius on the ellipsoid of earth. Less

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You’re in a room with three light switches, each of which controls one of three light bulbs in the next room. Your task is to determine which switch controls which bulb. All lights are initially off, and you can't see into one room from the other. You may inspect the room only once. How can you determine which switch is connected to which light bulb?

4 Answers

Call the switches 1, 2 and 3. Leave Switch 1 off. Turn Switch 2 on for five minutes and then turn it off. Turn Switch 3 on. Enter the room. If a bulb is on, it's controlled by Switch 3. Feel the light bulbs for heat. The warm bulb is controlled by Switch 2. The bulb that is off and cold is controlled by Switch 1. Less



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most of difficult is that whom guys working in international bpo the was call as and talking with a lots of attitude .....

2 Answers

we will try to give as the best service ..



How do you screen shot using the iMac?

4 Answers

I really didn't know at the time because I was used to using a PC

Would they hold that against you, if you didn't know because you might not have Mac experience? (Gasp! I realize what year it is and love my Droid. ;) ) Did you have to take an online assessment and do they reveal your score? Less

No they didn't hold it against you. N u do take test online but as long as you know basic things you will be ok. Less

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Gautam Consultancy

Good communication skills in English (both verbal and written) Good knowledge of computer Flexible to work in rotational shifts

3 Answers

Yes ,i will do flexible to work in rotational shifts.




Question 3: Write a program in whatever language you like that solves for the factorial of a number.

3 Answers

import java.util.Scanner; class Factorial { public static void main(String args[]) { int n, c, fact = 1; System.out.println("Enter an integer to calculate it's factorial"); Scanner in = new Scanner(; n = in.nextInt(); if ( n < 0 ) System.out.println("Number should be non-negative."); else { for ( c = 1 ; c <= n ; c++ ) fact = fact*c; System.out.println("Factorial of "+n+" is = "+fact); } } } Less

Fortran program fact integer ans,num print*, 'Enter an integer to find its factorial' read(*,*)num if( stop ans = rec(num) write(*,*)ans end program recursive function rec(n) result(f) integer,intent(in):: n integer f if(n.eq.0) then f=1 else f = n*rec(n-1) endif end function Less

My example was not great. I suggested looking online for more sophisticated answers Less


A question was raised at the end of the interview if I would have trouble working with 20 somethings since the majority of their hires are in this age group. I thought this was a very inappropriate and discriminatory question to ask and don't think people should be asked this type of question They can clearly see from my resume that I have been around a long time so why call me in?

3 Answers

I did tell them I worked with this age group all the time.

there are no people of colour at your company, why?

Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback! We read every single one and use it to develop an even better candidate experience. We absolutely appreciate the time and effort you have put into the interview process with us. We know it can be lengthy, and the time you’ve dedicated to this process has been incredibly generous. All of our interviewers are team members who have undergone extensive training for interviewing for the best possible fit for the Wave team, and discriminatory behaviour is never acceptable. Wave as a company, and the individuals who make up the Wave team, have no room for discrimination of any kind throughout the interview process as it does not reflect the values of the organization as a whole. I’m so sorry your experience with us wasn’t a positive one. We will thoroughly investigate this issue and ensure this doesn’t happen again to future candidates. Again, we sincerely thank you for bringing this to our attention and we wish you the best. Less

Omada Health

Can you send a 50$ giftcard?

3 Answers

Not yet answered

Sending gift card/money is a red flag

I got the same email, and after few emails he or she said it passed. I got the email from Wei Li Shao Also, at the end of the email, he or she said install the software what he provides. I asked to one of Omada Health's recruiter. Just wondering that how he or she knew that I applied for the Omada Health. Less


would you drink an glass of liquid solution.

3 Answers


There's not enough information to answer that question

Yes, after you take a drink from that glass.

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