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Customer Support Field Service was asked...26 December 2015

have you ever been fired or asked to leave

6 Answers

yes of course -- because liars thieves and embezzlers and such don't like me

They like it when you tell them that u lied for them

In this industry every one is a liar and embezzler

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How do you screen shot using the iMac?

4 Answers

I really didn't know at the time because I was used to using a PC

Would they hold that against you, if you didn't know because you might not have Mac experience? (Gasp! I realize what year it is and love my Droid. ;) ) Did you have to take an online assessment and do they reveal your score? Less

No they didn't hold it against you. N u do take test online but as long as you know basic things you will be ok. Less

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SQL Command?

3 Answers

What is cloud computing?

Can you pls tell what were the other questions asked that is other then java , SQL , Linux. Why you declined offer? And what was the salary they were offering? Less

19000k /m

Pixion Studios

how technology is changing his size like reducing nanometers? like 800nm to 22nm scene from 1989?

1 Answers

Nanometers process is an advanced lithographic node used in volume CMOS semiconductor fabrication. it is reduce his size to shrinking transistor and diode in single cheap wich is very useful and less power consumption exactly cheap manufactures intel and amd does. Less


Basic character questions and call center life style questions.

2 Answers


What type of drug test does Dish administer

Henry Schein

“What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?”

2 Answers

A manager gives orders, tells you what needs to be done and manages your progress where as a leader inspires, nurtures your strengths, and assist you in improving your weaknesses Less

A manager gives orders, tells you what needs to be done and manages your progress where as a leader inspires, nurtures your strengths, and assist you in improving your weaknesses Less

Working Solutions

Nothing too scary. Just two or three good questions about problem solving... Discuss a time when you had this sort of problem and how did you handle it? What was the outcome?

2 Answers

The only negative comment I would make at this point is that WS currently doesn't have any work for me. I am still waiting to be called for a project. It has been a couple of weeks since WS sent me the congratulating email on passing their selection process. I'm optimistic some work will come along soon, so we'll see... Less

Hi. Have you received an assignment yet, & how long after your acceptance? If you don't mind, please also explain the process; training you received; what your starting hourly wage is & promises of raises; your opinion of the assignment so far, etc. Thank you! Less


Talk about a time you had to handle a irate customer. What steps did you take?

2 Answers

Listen attentively. Acknowledge the customer's problem. Resolve their problem. Follow up with them. Less

First I acknowledged the customer's anger, then asked them to give me some specifics of what made them feel that way. I reflected the customer's anger back at them frequently. I would try to fix the problems they identified, and if they couldn't be fixed, I would escalate them up the chain per company policy and procedure. Just acknowledging the customer's anger often calmed they down enough to engage in some serious problem solving. Less


give an example of a situation at your last job where you had to deal with an upset cm? what did you do to calm them?

2 Answers

Talk about a time when u listened to a customer vent, how quickly you identified the issue and what steps taken to resolve the issue.. Less

best answer is answer truthfuly


Why do you feel that your work experience would make you an outstanding Dish employee?

1 Answers

Based my answer on few outstanding points in my customer service work history; ie, adwards and skill sets attained. Less

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