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Mostly situational.. guesstimate and SPSS related questions to mark proficiency in statictics and visualizations.

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Have you been hired? Did you complete the course? How long did they take to onboard you after your spss certification?

Can I have your number I need to talk to's very urgent.. please help me

No I didn't take the course, but opted out before the final round.

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is technical test score necessary to crack all rounds of interview

6 Answers

I had a sequence of logs from driver that were timestamps which their apps keeps sending every 15 seconds e.g. [10,25,40, 100, 115, 130, ...]. If the gap is more than 15 seconds then the driver is considered offline. Find the number of hours he was online.

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mean or median which is bigger in left skew?

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All About your company related projects and experience in handling these projects.

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How to reverse strings with changing Position - Answered

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What is AUC? What lies on x-axis and y-axis of AUC curve?

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What is the difference between Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning. Give one example of each.

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all question were just basic but sometimes the basic questions can be tricky like why we use main function in java ? why it is public? run program without main?

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Measures and Dimension in Tableau ? Sql ? Last one do you have any question ?

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