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Data and Lead Source Executive was asked...11 January 2020

"Henry, Hetty, Horace and Herb are students. Henry speaks Mandarin. Hetty and Horace both speak Malay. Everyone but Horace can speak Catalan. Herb can speak the same languages as everyone except for Malay. What does Horace not speak?"

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Macquarie Group

based on ospf bgp f5 asa / checkpoint / paloalto firewalls

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aas per my experience

About my last experience ?

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I told all about my last experience...

Vivo (CA)

Why do you want to join as data analyst rather than opting for coding jobs?

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Pursuing computer science as majors led me to the field of data science. I have worked with various organizations during my internship on data science. I realised during my internships that I can prosper and contribute to the growth of organization in a better way in data science rather than hardcore coding. Hence I wish to join Vivo as data analyst. Less

Vivo (CA)

The interview was more like an HR interview. Asked everything related to my life specially college time. No academics were asked.

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It was my first company interview during placement and it was just fine. I made blunders at very crucial questions. but overall a good experience. Less

MissionSquare Retirement

This was a very scripted interview in that if you've read the "top 10 interview questions" all of them were asked. The panel of 6 came in to the interview in groups of 2 which makes the interviewee repeat "tell me about yourself" 3 separate times. "Can you tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer situation?" "Tell us about a time you went above and beyond for a customer?" "How do you deal with a difficult personality in the office?" "Can you tell me what this person did to make them difficult to deal with?" "Why ICMA-RC?" Only asked by the HR Consultant.

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It would have been more comfortable and less stressful if the interview was truly a panel interview and I didn't have to repeat everything to each group - most of which asked the same questions over and over. Also, the person who's position was being filled was involved in the interview which is usually very helpful, however his body language during the process showed disinterest in what I was saying. Also, I was told at the interview that the person I would be working for most of the time was not at the interview as he had to go out of town. Understandable for a high level executive, except how do you interview for a position with an individual without meeting them? Less

Channel 4

Presentation question: Imagine you have been approached by an advertiser who has never used TV before. You can choose any advertiser you like. Please prepare a short presentation on the main benefits of advertising both 1. on TV, and 2. on Channel 4 5 minute pitch

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Powerpoint presentation

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Domain knowledge along with the self introduction.

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Answered in a confident manner by having a positive mindset.

Vivo (CA)

Why not Tata or any other big giants, why Vivo?

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Frankly speaking I haven't got an opportunity to appear for their recruitment. I would surely not miss the opportunity. But they will be offering me the role of software trainee which is my second preference. Since Vivo is giving me the opportunity to work as Data analyst and I believe I can contribute to your growth in a better way. Less

Xento Systems

find function,trim function,left function,substitute function, V lookup,H lookup

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i have answered all with showing example on paper

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