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Will you like to work in Courier company?

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100 even number in ascending order first 50 number average is N then all the number average is a N+49 B N+50 C N+55

9 Answers

Grilling on financial terms, current affairs and opinions about the same. Since I was from marketing background I was given a lot many situations to analyse.

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is technical test score necessary to crack all rounds of interview

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Everything related to basic accounts. Questions on P&L and Balance Sheet.

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almost evrything on java ,DBMS.

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Brush up your reasoning skills Blood relations , Direction Sense.

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why do u want to join this company for a data entry profile after, even a ninth class student can do this job and you will get nothing to learn here.

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Suppose there is a point A on road. From this point, probability of any car to pass in 20 min. is p; then tell what is probability for any car to pass in 2 min.?

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VC, PE, IPO process, Underwriting, Current Affairs, Mutual Funds and Hedged Funds,MBO, LBO, Current Affairs, About Capital IQ, Your Future Goals etc.

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