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When you interview for a job as a database developer, expect the interviewer to assess how you compile a database system that meets the company's needs while also troubleshooting potential issues. Employers seek candidates who have strong problem-solving and organisational skills as well as possess a thorough understanding of database systems.

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Top Database Developer Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top database developer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How would you handle data loss during a migration?

How to answer: Although this is an issue all database developers seek to avoid, it is not always guaranteed that data remains secure when migration occurs. Answering this question lets the interviewer know how you handle challenges and save a company from certain data disasters. You could also mention any steps the company could take to prevent data loss before the migration.

Question No. 2: When do you decide that certain databases need upgrading?

How to answer: With this open-ended question, interviewers will examine your expertise in the industry. You should know specifics about certain programs and how often they need upgrading. Discuss how you work collaboratively and communicate efficiently with management as to when upgrades need to occur.

Question No. 3: How did you overcome challenges in a recent project?

How to answer: Even if you have the best plans for a database project, you may still encounter issues. Give examples highlighting your problem-solving skills and ability to handle a workload. The interviewer will learn how you operate under pressure and troubleshoot any issues.

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Morgan Stanley
Database Developer was asked...8 November 2022

simple sql stuff, some stuff about execution plan.


What is the default port number for Oracle 12c

BNY Mellon

Behavioral questions mostly in Bar raiser.


Mainly about work experience and typical DB development questions (transactions, indexes, partitioning, etc.)


Dense rank questions and order by

Decimal Technologies

All questions were related to database like differences between function and procedures, Dense_rank and rank function, delete the duplicates, union and union all, why truncate is faster then delete etc


What is a CTE and how would you use it? (After giving my answer, he said he never uses CTEs in their codebase, so why ask about them?)


What is your experience in accounting?


What is the difference between RANK, DENSE_RANK, and ROW_NUMBER?

DEN Networks

Sql Queries, Procedure , View

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