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Haver Analytics
Economic Database Manager was asked...4 November 2022

Q: What software have you ever use for research purpose? Could you name some of the functions you use the most?


What are you looking for in a new job/position?

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Quality of work, I want meaningful work, meaning whatever responsibility or task I am given, it should have a deep meaning or a reason behind it. Even though I know I have the capability to do all assignments given to me, I want assignments that make genuine impact and help improve the organization while challenging me in the process Environment - I simply wanted a new work environment, for me everything felt repetitive at my old job and I just wanted to be challenged. Shifting gears- moving up from supporting a system or software to managing and maintaining it. Simply just wanting to move upward Less

Haver Analytics

Nominal GDP VS Real Excel questions

Hospital for Special Surgery

I asked if the manager had good communication skills and his boss yelled out no over the call. Let's just say things went downhill after that.

Jane Street

Talk about a time you received constructive feedback


Agile Methodologies Pl/sql concepts in detail Scenario based questions Performance related questions Sql queries Reasons for a switch Current work and previous work details


What is interesting to you about this position?


What is the critical feedback that as a manager you received ?how did you responded?what are the outcomes of it?

Delaware North

Imagine you have a brick. Name as many things as you can think of that you can do with the brick.

What do you think you can bring to the business?

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I highlighted my experience in data, an understanding of their needs and familiarity with the website - they are looking to develop and train you providing that you are interested in the work. Less

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