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Deck Cadet was asked...24 August 2019

Why do you want to join shipping?

4 Answers

Because I need to help my family and I like seaman

Like seaman life

Yes. I'm a BSc. NS student in IMU Cochin. I'd like to join as a deck cadet in a maersk vessel after completing my course . Less

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Anglo-Eastern Ship Management

What do expct from dis job?

2 Answers


from this job i expect to get a feel of sailing ,hard working plus a dedicated life in marine....... Less

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management

explain youself

3 Answers

here interviewer is trying to see how you can ellaborate your self. u can answer this question in this way. " MY name is aditya narkar. i from kharghar,navi mumbai. i have completed my 12 std from modern college,vashi in the year 2014. i have completed my schooling from ryan international school kharghar in the year, 2012. i also have experience of working with a classes named shanket classes where my job profile was lecturer. my strength is im honest, self motivated and hard working. my hobbies are playing football and travelling. thats all about me sir. thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself in front of you. Less

STRENGTH & COMPETENCY Being equipped to work on marine basis from AMET University, I am trustworthy, good learner, diligent, good observer. Being self- respective and highly motivated person, I love to carry out work to the best of my ability and also well in time. I like to execute my ideas in a pre-planned manner. Love to pay my full contribution and disseminate my knowledge towards duties entrusted on me in a proper manner for the welfare of my team and organization. I have been recognized as a good team leader. Less

be confident and stick to your answer

Online Test 1 (for PCM and Reasoning) 100 questions - 2 hrs. Level - very easy, involving only a few numerical questions. Preparation - Prepare the entire syllabus (pdf) of Deck Cadet entrance exam which is provided on the AEMA website. No questions will be asked out of the syllabus. Most questions are based on the theory of topics listed in the syllabus. I mostly used Arihant's Encyclopaedia of General Science for main preparation and NCERTs for reference. Reasoning part is also very easy. You can use Reasoning books of CDS or SSC CGL exams for preparation (if required). Maths was mostly simple Arithmetic with basic Geometry and Trigonometry. Online Test 2 (Psychometric Test) 240 questions with no specific time limit. Objective questions (simple questions based on day-to-day life) like "Have you ever felt that your life is not meaningful?" will be asked to analyze your personal traits. Read the questions carefully and then answer them. Many a time they'll ask the same thing using different words, to confuse you. Do not get affected. This test is also very easy. Finish this test to obtain your results and proceed to the Interviews. After the results are announced by the staff, they'll give you a Bio-data form. (Name, Qualification, Father's Name, Mother's Name, Address, Contact Details, HOBBIES, EXTRA-CURRICULARS, etc.) Fill out the form neatly and carefully as the non-academic questions in interviews will be based on this information only. Along with this form, you'll be given 2 sheets to write 2 essays. Essay 1 Statement of Purpose, 300-400 words, no specific time limit. Question: Why do you want to join the Merchant Navy? Write in about using the following points: What motivates you to join the Merchant Navy? What value would you add to Anglo-Eastern Group after you are selected? What duties and roles would you like to hold onboard? What is your career plan in the Merchant Navy? Where do see yourself 5 years AND 10 years down the line? How do you plan to cope up with the feeling of homesickness that eventually arises in this profession? Essay 2 Any topic like that of a GD, 300-400 words, no specific time limit. My topic was "Compare India's recent growth with the other countries of Asia" Interview 1 Mostly academic, (Ex- INDIAN NAVY Commodore) After going through my Bio-data form and essays... Tell me about yourself, family background, why do you want to join Merchant Navy? Explain the career plan (with duration of each course) of a Deck Cadet through DNS. Academic questions: 1. How does an aircraft fly? 2. What is the principle of floatation? What is Archimedes' principle? How does a ship float? 3. Why does ice float on water? What do you mean by Anomalous Expansion of water? 4. What is the chemical formula of Nitric Acid? 5. What is the general formula for Alkynes (hydrocarbons)? 6. What are the types of bonds in Benzene? 7. What is the chemical formula of Sugarcane? 8. Why do seasons exist? 9. What is Greenhouse Effect? What is Global Warming? 10. What is Tanθ in terms of the sides of a triangle? 11. What is a cube + b cube? 12. What is cos(A-B)? Interview 2 Similar to HR Interview (Captain from Anglo-Eastern Ship Management) After going through my Bio-data form and essays... He shared further details of the course, the costs involved, duration, etc. He asked me about how I got to know about this company and ascertained my inclination for the course.

3 Answers


Please post junior engineer interview questions?


How many years would you take to become a captain

2 Answers

At least 10- 15 year if you are lucky , if you are not lucky 20 year approx .

10 years

Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies

Tell me about yourself and your family?

2 Answers

First of all I would lik

First of all I would like to thank almighty and then you ,thank you for give me a opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Anmol Gupta . I have completed my graduation last year and I am pursuing BSC. In my family my father he is a farmer , my mother she is a housewife , my grandmother,and my siblings . My strength is to work under pressure easily , truthful , polite nature .I easily trust anyone that's my weakness . So I am a fresher I have no experience Thank you to all that's it. Less


why a cell phone called a cell phone??

2 Answers


because it forms a cell between stations

Deck Cadet was asked...15 November 2014

round 1: what is Doppler effect? how does the air blows? how are tides formed? what is Archimedes principle? what do you mean by the term buoyancy? what is the chemical formula of washing soda? what is the general formula for alkenes? what is the mechanism for flying of a airplane? (a+b) whole cube? what is cos(a-b)? explain gravity is maximum on poles or equator and why? round 2: tell me about yourself? what are your weakness? what is your passion? tell any 5 states of north america and south america? tell me about your family background? why you want to join this company? why you want to join merchant navy? how did you came to know about our company? have you applied for any where else for sponsorship?

2 Answers

bro can u plz suggest me good answers for part 2 qus

Answers: *Doppler effect- the Apparent change in frequency of sound due to the relative motion between observer source of sound. *Air blow- it blows due to pressure difference means from high pressure to low pressure. *Formation of tides.- Tides are formed due to the gravitational force between earth and the water surface. *Archimedes principle.- the buoyancy force is equal to to the weight of the water displaced. *Buoyancy force- it is an upward force acts on a body by the surrounding fluid. *Chemical formula of washing soda- n a 2 c o 3. *The general formula of alkenes is- C(n)H(2n). *The mechanism of aeroplane flying is is due to Magnus effect as it is due to pressure difference. *(a+b)3=a3+b3+3a2b+3ab2. *cos(a-b)=cos a cos b+sin a sin b. * gravity is maximum at poles because gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the radius. Less

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management

why do jion merchant navy

2 Answers

as you think


Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG

How are you managing at university?

1 Answers

So far I have not failed any exams. I have good and very good grades.

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