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A lot of questions from different subjects. ROR, Physics, Safety, Stability and about yourself.

First of all they asked some general questions to lighten up candidate mind like, 1. tell me about yourself, favourite actor, favourite movie 2. Then they asked, if you got invisible for next 24 hour,what will you do? 3. If you got 5 crore rupees what will you do 4. Some basic definition based questions from physics like, Archimedes principal, Pascal law, Bernoulli theorem, Boyle law , Charles law, etc 5. At last they gave me 5 questions on Height and distance, average, time and work.

Boyle's law, charles law, diagonal of a room,

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Tell me about yourself?

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Why ship floats?

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what your father do where from you are why you want to join our company what are your hobbies. where from you are describe your place is anyone from your family is a part of merchant navy

They 1stly ask My name , Fathers Name, Father's Occupation, Height in Cm and Feet, Why do you want to Join MSC or merchant Navy, Share Something About you, Strength ,Weakness , why should we Heir you. 2 interviewer - What is Deck cadet, Marks in 10th, Newton 2nd and 3rd law , Law of Flotation.

what would you do if you would get a chance to be invisible?

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