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What will be the output if 100 volt DC is fed into 1:2 Transformer ?

4 Answers

Zero. Because, Transformer never allow DC power.

Zero ...Because transformer is ac

Core Gets Saturated. Lol !

Can you be able to stand in the workshop and be able to handle a team of workers and solve if any problem arises at that very instant with enough confidence in yourself and make firm decisions?

2 Answers

What is the difference between stress and pressure Difference between axle and shaft. What is CATIA. Expand. and other questions related to CATIA

3 Answers

Can you draw a triangle whose angles do not add upto 180 degrees?

3 Answers

You are standing on Earth. You walk 1 mile south, one mile west and one mile north. You end up back exactly where you started. Where are you standing? Give all the possible answers.

3 Answers

what is the use of fillet in design?

3 Answers

using a simple logic gate, convert a SET type flop to a RESET type flop

3 Answers

Requirements for selection procedure of a Thrust bearing ?

3 Answers

What if you are not selected

3 Answers

Find the max subsequent sum for a random array of numbers

2 Answers
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