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Process what we are currently doing and how the work flow, how we manage the works, what are the complexity in the work, in what application e are skilled & rate yourself in that

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HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Angular 2+

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Questions on coding assignment given earlier, some array and sorting related questions.

technical questions only nothing general

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Pick one project and take me (the interviewer) through the design process.

GD and T Basic engineering Basic tool knowledge

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Tell me about yourself and work experience? Explain ASIC flow? What is Scan chain insertion? USe? What is scan chain reordering? Why macros are placed preferably at boundary and not at centre? What all physical only cells you cam across ? Explain? Checks before placement? How do you fix timing at Place? Difference between CCD and CTS? What is HFNS? Why it is not done at syn? Aim of CTS? What happens in route? What are NDR ? Explain side flows? Types of placement blockages? What is derate? what is LVS? what is FEV? Kind of buffers used for CTS? How do you select them?

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Technical Questions : Mostly about basic Electronics and Electrical Concepts like LIC,Digital, Electronic components (R,C,I)

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