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your strong points as a designer

4 Answers

fast and efficient usage of softwares for design, good presentation skills, good hand sketching, photography, painting skills

Think different

Presentation is secondary,You should think out of box in design skills to get Survived in today's competitive world.

Find the max subsequent sum for a random array of numbers

2 Answers

How can we confirm that you will be an asset to Texas Instruments?

2 Answers

What happens to an electrical system at its pole? Draw the bode plot of G(s)=w/(s+w).

2 Answers

What is the run time of binary sort?

2 Answers

What if you are not selected

3 Answers

What do you think happens in future?

3 Answers

GE interviewers will always stick to the basics and fundamentals.

2 Answers

How to change html 5 to html 4 ?

1 Answer

Smooth moving work. Work without under pressure

1 Answer
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