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It's very basic questions for freshers from the subject(DFT for me)

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I answered quite well.

Introduce about yourself, VLSI basic concepts and then most of the questions from Dft

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Very Basics of the subjects, whichever was required for the domain. Theoretical knowledge of each core topics is mandatory for DFT(because that's my domain )and also if some little hands on knowledge is there on tools, it's an additional advantage for you.

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finding the critical path in the circuits

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power domain crossing, iso buffers power serge maintain

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what is metastable state

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1. DRC faced, simulation issues faced, how wrapper insertion works.

LoC, LoS concepts, Boundary scan, TDF coverage analysis, MCP handling , STA questions, Test Compression, OCC, Test Compression problem solving, wrappers, shared and dedicated wrappers, mbist

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