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How will ensure that attrition is with acceptable limits of 5 to 8% ?

6 Answers

I had to give a long reply based on various inteventions that i thought would be useful. In hind sight I can say I was right about my reply.

ya..ya..ya.. ofcourse u r right

yupeeeee.... great dude

Where do you want to see your self in 1 year

2 Answers

Why you want to change

2 Answers

Hope you would not be taking or asking for leaves for at least 6 months.?

1 Answer

What did feel most proud of in your previous job ?

1 Answer

Management questions - What is the current role? How do you manage the team? How do you manage stakeholders? Scenario on how you handle knowledge transfer session?

1 Answer

Explain linux directory structure

1 Answer

Why you left the previous organisation?

1 Answer

Plans for the programme you are hired for

1 Answer

Technical & business acqumen

1 Answer
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