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Director, Customer Experience was asked...20 February 2020

How would you prioritize what the R&D team should work on?

2 Answers

Explained former ways of prioritizing (1->N, Rubric, bug prioritization, etc...) and said I had done it so many different ways I was open to adjust to what the R&D team needed. Was informed that was too complex. Less

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Intarcia Therapeutics

Tell me about your experience. Why are you looking to leave your current position?

1 Answers

Actually looking to boomerang my way back in.

Continuum of Colorado

The first and only question was "do you have a valid driver's license and a clean driving record of three consecutive years?"

1 Answers

I don't have a car or driver's licence. I lived in DC and had no use for either. I now live in Denver, and still have no use for either. No criminal record (feel free to check). Just a personal preference. I was then told that this is a driving position and that concluded the interview. I'm not entirely sure how a Director or Marketing and Customer Experience, a highly-strategic role (or at least it should be), is akin to being a Lyft driver or food delivery driver. Less

Damac Properties

They asked about my background

1 Answers

Truthfully, to the best of my abilities.

When asked about my proficiency level with software, my answer was followed up by a series of "prove it" questions. Love it!

1 Answers

I love being underestimated because of how i look. It makes reaching the finish line that much better. Less

Applied Value Technologies

Do I know anything about Oracle and Fusion

1 Answers

Very little. I have delt with Oracle DBAs but that is about it.


What brings you to the fintech industry

1 Answers

The fintech industry is on the rise and is becoming more and more imperative for SMB to drive growth in the digital era Less

Brake Parts, Inc

If you were in my position, what question should I ask you in order to see whether you are qualified for the job?

1 Answers

This was the 4th interview by someone who had been with the company for a very long time and (from what I could tell) was sent in to determine how well I would "fit in". The question came after ten minutes of chatting. So my response was - I wouldn't need to. If what you are trying to figure out is if I would fit into the company culture, you should have already figured that out. Go with the gut. (maybe that was a bad response since I didn't get hired...) Less

Johnson & Johnson

What other positions do you aspire to at J & J

1 Answers

PSA director


They provided an exercise with data and asked how I would use it to make staffing decisions.

1 Answers

I provided a deck and walked them through a presentation.

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