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Internal Audit Director was asked...22 September 2021

Questions habituelles + assessment Korn Ferry

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If you were to audit COGS what risks would you be looking for, what preinfo would you request, HOW would you get this data from SAP....providing menu paths, t codes etc...

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Don't do it!!! They are not looking for a thought leader, just a smack....I declined to discuss such silly questions and asked to end the call...I don't need a horrible job. Think that if you colleague in Europe is acting like this on interview what does this say about this company!!! Less


Why did you apply for this role? *Several times*

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I was approached through LinkedIn inbox and had not applied to the role yet because that was supposed to be an intro 15 minute call. Less


CFO made it very clear that he was willing to fire someone in the first few months of job if they did not meet his expectations. Then waited for a response.

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Confirmed I had never been fired from a position before and that I was well qualified for the job. Less


Assuming one of your employees is accused of corruption what would you do ? Assuming you in this position is accused of corruption what would you do ? etc

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What are the last three books you have read for fun? If you could choose any three people from any time zone to sit down and have dinner with who would they be?

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Please describe your SOX experience in detail.


Talk to me about the "why..."

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Why do you want to work at Marlette Funding?

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

What type of leader are you?

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