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Foster Farms
IT Project Manager was asked...13 January 2018

Why should we hire you?

5 Answers

I explained what my accomplishments have been in previous roles and how that experience would add value. Less

Yes, people should warn others about bad experiences.

He is more than a control freak. He also thinks he is better than everyone and knows everything. Even though he doesn't know how to work his own Surface and is constantly having the low level service center employees help him with basic computer issues. So much for a CIO that knows what he is doing. Less

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Axiata Group

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

5 Answers

Wants to be leader with engaging people and technology

Be a good leader

▲ 1 ▼ Wants to be leader with engaging people and technology for the nations. It will be look much better when my position or I will be Leader. Less

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How do you handle people who take credit for your work

2 Answers

When interviewing at Amazon, make sure that answers to behavioral questions such as this one have a situational example and make sure they align with core Amazonian leadership principles. For situational questions, make sure you describe to them how you aligned with the leadership principles of the organization you were part of to determine how to handle the process. You could then draw a correlation between the leadership principles of that organization and Amazon to explain why you are a good fit. Less

Hello my name is joshua I currently work at amazon Fulfilment the interview process is quite simple Apply online, of accepted you will be called for phone interview and emailed, then if accepted they give you appointment for on site, which you get to choose online at the insite you Recieve an oral swab drug test an welcome letter stating congrats on getting the job the next step will take about 14 days to Recieve your background and and drug test if you pass you get an email, extendin your offer an you pick your arty orientation date which is abou 2 weeks out. Amazon did not check my credit so I doubt they check others,"your not working as a financial advisor" best of luck Less


The wifi doesn't work properly. And for every basic test I could think of, they answered that it proved all was fine but still it didn't work.

3 Answers

To be fair to the company, in this scenario it doesn't sound very much like the role was for you. I would totally expect a 'Senior IT Technician/Manager' to troubleshoot basic network problems and resolve them without swapping the hardware. Perhaps working in a technical networked environment is outside your current skillset. Less

Nick, were you there to know what were my answers? It seems so, according to your certainty. I think my answers did troubleshoot basic network problems, as you said. But they wanted a specialist. In such roles, reliably and cost go above pride. You learn to put efficiency above time consuming pride when you are in charge of the whole IT. I installed hundreds of wifi AP in my careers, the answers I gave Yoti always were enough to provide really good service. At the end I said if I can't find, there's no point in wasting more time, Yoti is not a wifi provider and has more important tasks. Money matters, this role would include budget management. When I installed a wifi service for small companies, it worked for years. The next time I'll install one, I would learn for the latest standards: so much changes in 2 years. No need to be a wifi specialist for a small company, and it's easy to re-learn it when it becomes necessary, with updated literature. For your information, their solution was awful, I would never use it unless I'm bored at work and need time consuming tasks, which never exists when alone for the IT Administration of 170 colleagues. But if they like spending time on settings again and again, it's their business. Less

At the end I said there are more important matters than a broken access point, I would just change it, with a different model and everybody could focus on their real job instead of wasting time (Don't answer that, they wanted someone as talented as themselves to manage their LAN) Less


How to handle a employee who does not cooperate during a fire evacuation

1 Answers

by allowing that employee vacate first


take this pen and write the code in BASH to read a CSV file, take the 3rd column and print it in uppercases

3 Answers

I didn't know by heart the functions for reading CSV files and uppercase. I said in Systems Administration, we don't write code everyday, our code works for months, even years. And it's not secure to write a script from scratch, since we can't think about everything before going back to the IT Support. I usually take a good script from the internet, read all of it, adapt what needs be. Less

'I usually take a good script from the internet' does not sound like something somebody experienced in a command language would say. This exercise is extremely basic, one I would expect to find within the first few pages of a tutorial on learning bash with zero experience needed. Perhaps you should not put a command language on your CV if you are not confident in its most basic applications. Less

You have totally the same spirit as them. Great. Never said they were wrong. I'm pretty sure of my skill with those language as my programs were always reliable and secure and even taught them for a few years at university. I simply dont need them on a daily basis when in charge for the IT. I'd remember more easily how to secure an OS for a job interview. Less

Crossover for Work

CCAT Test Please use the below link to complete the CCAT Test which is also mandatory in order to be considered for the final interview stage. Make sure you use your same name/email used to apply for this position. We will automatically look up your CCAT scores using this email address so it is vital the email addresses match. Note: If you’ve already taken CCAT with Crossover using the same email address, there is no need to take CCAT again. We will only count your first CCAT attempt with Crossover. Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test The CCAT measures cognitive aptitude, or general intelligence. This test provides an indication of a subject’s ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically. Cognitive aptitude is one of the most accurate job predictors of job success for any position. In the space below, you may enter anything you like to submit the test.

3 Answers


CCAT is a horrible test and measures mostly the ability to take the CCAT.



Where did you get your Engineer Diploma ?

3 Answers

INP-HB Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire

INP-HB Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire

INSET Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

Express Scripts

Provide a specific situation from your work history when you failed as a Project Manager and what did you do about it?

2 Answers

G Vb sh

Provided a situation early in my career as a Project Manger where mistakes are expected. I detailed how I learned from the experience and what I do now to mitigate that from happening again. Less

First American Financial Corporation

How many projects can you handle at one time? This seems straightforward enough but until the level of complexity, duration, staffing, team, can be assessed the answer is difficult to provide.

2 Answers

I provided the a straightforward answer. In order to assess how many projects a person can handle the PM needs to first assess the complexity, duration, staffing, of the current work efforts and future ones to arrive at an accurate estimate. In hindsight this question may be an indication that the business needs a Project Handyman Or Admin Assistant to deal with a variety of needs for the office as a whole versus the management of specific projects for the business and department. Less

For certainty I can say I can handle at least 3 complex projects at the same cycle/sprint. Which I did when I was working at First American - Title Insurance - Corporate IT Less

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