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Distributor Development Manager was asked...13 January 2013

Given real job problems and you must explain in a presentation format (to a rather large panel) how you would handle them.

6 Answers

Nice! Hope everything works out in your favor! Good Luck!!!

could you tell me what some of the questions they asked were during the initial phone sreening and panel interview? Less

Hi there, just wondering what the real world problem was that you needed to present to the panel? Any other questions that you can recall being asked? Less

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It Works! Global

Do you want to be a distributor?

2 Answers


No thank you


Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years

2 Answers

I see myself as a manager

You can have a better life in prison than working for Credico.

Mass Appeal

I see you have a degree in something other than sales. Why sales?

1 Answers

Unlimited earning potential

Allegiance (CA)

they ask you to rate work ethic, student mentality and ability to maintain a positive attitude on a scale of 1-10

1 Answers

they just want to sell you on the opportunity and explain all the sacrifice it takes to be successful. whichis true but its not worth it here. Less


If I was an animal what would I be?

1 Answers



Do you love the Herbalife products? of course, they make me feel great and keep me healthy all year round.

1 Answers

Are you interested in presenting the sales opportunity to others?


Can you work from home and on line?

1 Answers


Sky Business Solutions

You haven't really had to walk around this much, do you think it'll be challenging for you?

1 Answers

No, walking is a great exercise.

Enagic USA

No interview question. my upline described the commission structure

1 Answers

I liked the commission structure and purchased my own machine... and then started selling to my warm market Less

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