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Cook Medical Inc
District Manager was asked...24 March 2023

What did you do to learn about job. They asked me to prepare a 20-30 minute presentation. I had to present my work as well as sit through a panel interview with their national sales manager and two regional managers .

Wells Fargo

Tell me a time you had to communicate a difficult decision to your team.


What motivates you to do sales?

Royal Canin

Tell me about yourself When were you the first to take action on something?


No questions just false promises of making lot's of many by showcasing the 5% of top performers. I guess they are asking if you are willing to invest hours of you time and money to get licensing for potentially no pay.

1 Answers

I was respectful and professional and heard them out, then kindly declined position as this is more for someone just starting their career or an expert at sales that is not dependent on a reliable or consistent paycheck. Less


There was a scenario that needed to be played out and one of the questions was, “why do I need this service for my business?”

1 Answers

By using our payroll services, you as a business owner will help avoid risks and streamline your payroll processes. Less

Calzedonia Group

A cosa può servire la tua laurea in questo lavoro?

United Electric Supply

How much are you looking to make?

1 Answers

I would like to find out more about the role before I mention any compensation.


Tell me about a time you failed and how you felt


Tell me about an obstacle and how you overcome it

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