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Advanced Technical Documentation Engineer was asked...27 May 2015

What are your thoughts on the writing style ans structure of a technical document ?

1 Answers

Please can you tell some more interview questions that were asked.


How would you survive on a desert isle until rescue comes?

1 Answers

What is the objective of a question like that? It seems to me useless.


Spend the next five minutes asking me questions designed to determine where I might go on vacation. You don't have to tell me where to go.

1 Answers

Oh, but I'd really like to tell you where to go!


What will you contribute to the team outside of your skillset/expertise?

1 Answers


Salford Farm Machinery

Do you have a farming background?

1 Answers


Keihin North America

Do I mind national or international travel?

1 Answers



What is your documentation process?

1 Answers

There are 5 steps that I went into detail about. They are as follows: Stage 1: Initial Research Stage 2: Meet SME Stage 3: Create draft documentation Stage 4: Create final documentation Stage 5: Publish and deliver Less


Have you ever worked with a difficult co-worker, and if so can you tell me how you handled that?

1 Answers

Passive aggression and back-stabbing.

MorphoTrust USA

Are you interviewing with anymore companies? If so, who?

1 Answers

Yes and I don't disclose that information.

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