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Updated Sep 30, 2016

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I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at eClinicalWorks in Aug 2016


There will more than 4 round for that... First will be defiantly MCQ test of core Java. If u clear this then will be personal interview abt core java....Mr.Ketan had taken my interview.. He is very good guy with good my interview he asked me I will summit my review to hr and if u r selected then hr will call u within 2 3 day.... I really want to work in this company .

Interview Questions
  • how can u access private member in other class.?
    2 Answers
  • give scenario abt collection in java and where it is used
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Anonymous Interview Candidate in Ahmedabad

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I applied through a recruiter. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at eClinicalWorks (Ahmedabad) in Jul 2016


Three technical rounds were there. 1st and 2nd were by the same person but had long duration in between. 3rd round was for mainly Android related. Then HR told me that I had cleared all round and had all discussion about policies and salary requirements. And then they rejected me I guess cause of salary issue.

Interview Questions
  • What are the OOPS concept? Explain in detail. Example of runtime polymorphism. Difference of == and .equals() in String context Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList. When should I use ArrayList or LinkedList. Child class’s constructor will call parent class’s constructor by default? Overriding method with throws. What is singleton class? With example. Internal working of HashMap. How to sort Employee class based on age variable? Difference between Comparable and Comparator. When should we use either of it? What is Activity Lifecycle? What is Fragment Lifecycle? What is the significance of onSaveInstanceState() and onRestoreInstanceState()? How to pass data from one Activity to another? How to pass Employee object? What is difference between Sirelization and Parcelable? What are Adapters? Types of layout. Difference between Linear and Relative. What is weight attribute? With example. How to make Custom View? What is AsyncTask? In Detail. When we use Service instead of AsyncTask? What is BroadcastReceiver? What is difference between onPause() and onStop()? How to get Home button pressed event? Difference between AsyncTask and Thread? Can we stop execution of AsyncTask? If yes how? When is SharedPreference? Can we share it with other application? Can we store any object in Shared Preference? Steps to capture image using external app. Ways to change image in ImageView in different state like pressed or released? Which is better way? What is FrameLayout? Steps to show list of Employee? How to use sqlite database? How to upgrade it? Difference between List and Set. Difference between ArrayList and Vector. What is synchronized? Explain A a = new A(); What is new? How it is assigned to memory? Where JVM store variable other than heap? Write programme of factorial using recursion. What is static? What is final? finally and finalize, When to use it? What are the OOPS concepts? Parent p = new Child(); vs Child c = new Parent(); What is serialization?
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Hi All, My sister has cleared all the rounds in Accenture. HR contacted her today to negotiate the salary. My sister asked for 8LPA FP. HR said the max fixed pay they could offer is 7.5LPA. My sister told she would think and get back in few minutes. Within 5 minutes, HR moved the candidature status to “on hold” due to budget constraints. None of the HRs are answering the calls. What can i expect? TIA I am feeling worse as i advised my sister to tell HR that she would get back. :(



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