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Ecommerce Marketing Manager was asked...31 August 2021

Can you explain how to recreate a successful Mailchimp campaign?

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Evaluate the results, audience and content. Clone the campaign.

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Put together a business plan for them on how they can improve their online sales.

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In addition to creating a social media presence, It’s important to have an excellent content marketing strategy. BLOG Be a thought leader - There is no value in hoarding information. It’s the best way to drive traffic to your website It helps convert that traffic into leads. You will build an appreciating asset for your firm that will pay off for years to come. Include a resource page on your blog - include resources that your potential clients will need or find useful. Contact said resource and request reciprocal links. Leverage LinkedIn connections – start cross-promoting blog posts on Linkedin Update Twitter profile. In addition to cross-promoting blog posts, Twitter is where you will post industry news. Do this on Linkedin as well. Instagram TV is becoming increasingly popular - create content for this platform. Set up a google adword account. Spent at least 50% of your budget here. Optimize Your Youtube channel. Generate keywords with Google keyword generator. If possible, create at least 1 video per week. Post on your blog, Facebook as well. Include an email capture on the site and send out a monthly newsletter. Send congratulations, birthday cards and holiday greetings where necessary. Email marketing gives you the ability to do several great things at once. You can send traffic back to your site, you can stay top-of-mind with past clients and boost referrals, and you can nurture leads and build trust with readers. To get the most out of your email marketing, you need to be intentional with building your email list. To build your list, you can simply have an opt-in box on your website, asking people to enter their email to receive your newsletter. However, the best option is to create a lead magnet, oftentimes in the form of a long-form piece of content which is “gated,” that is, requires an email, and sometimes additional information, to access. Include an exit capture form so that you can capture visitor’s email addresses. Less

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What is your greatest strength?

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With a response that demonstrated I was over-qualified for the position, I should have dumbed it down... Less


When can we schedule a phone interview?

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Doesn't matter, you ghosted me.

Mostly standard questions related to the position (past experiences that pertain to the role, hypothetical scenarios, etc.). Nothing out of left field.

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What would you do about our site redesign?

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They picked the oldest job on my resume and asked me questions about it.

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How would you redesign our website to improve UX?

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What is your paid marketing experience like?

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Competency based questions related to the role

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