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Kronospan Group
ERP/EDI Administrator was asked...20 December 2017

Tell me something about yourself.

2 Answers

My name is rohit dhawan and i m 38 years old. In 2003 i was start my own business in gold jewelry but after few years i faced lots of crisis and i moved to dubai in 2016 and i was start a job as a sales man in trucking company. In 2018 i got heavy truck lic its very tuff job but due to lac of my qualification this is only Job which is suitable for me. Now i am a truck driver and want move to Europe , America or canada. Less

My name is prashant I am from India and I am 26 years old I am currently working in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Aramco oil & gas plant my contact period will be finished after 1 month then I need a job Less

EDI was asked...10 August 2011

Programming in C or pascal after ages

2 Answers

Was weird and they wanted code to be written on paper

Can you give me some idea about the programming questions for this position?? where they too difficult? What kind of questions can I expect? Thanks Less

How much was I earning at my last job? It is against the law but he asked.

1 Answers

Where do I live?

Basic questions about edi and it's type, processes. knowledge about health insurance and U.S. healthcare.

1 Answers

I simply described edi and it's type.

Trimble Transportation

Do I have any career regrets?

1 Answers

No. Other than enhancing team/ associate communications.


Database creation using normal forms.

1 Answers

Do an all-to-all table to link two tables related each other.

NYK Line

How long have you been working with this software?

1 Answers

since v2.03 (1998)


Purely EDI related questions.

1 Answers

Answered them correctly and the interviewer was satisfied with my performance.

Computer Task Group

My position is not technical so the questions were not technical and I knew more about EDI than the person interviewing me or anyone currently on their staff so I didn't get asked much other than if I was qualified and if I wanted the job.

1 Answers

Of course, I wanted the job and was qualified.


a) What is a 834 document ?. b) What is your experience with healthcare EDI documents ?. c) What is the difference between XSD and DTD?. d) Which version of JRE did you use in your previous company ?. e) explain us what you did in your previous company ?. f) How strong are you on a level of 1 to 10 in SQL ?. g) Are you comfortable working as an analyst instead of working as a software developer ?.

1 Answers

I prepared for Healthcare EDI related questions and were able to answer most of them easily. Less

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