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Navair Technologies
Electrical/Test Engineer was asked...5 July 2018

What is the order of this PEMDAS operation?

1 Answers

Make sure you know how to operate from left to right after evaluating parenthesis/brackets Less


How would you test the internal resistance inside this battery?

1 Answers

Create a closed loop circuit with resistors and use ohms law.

Nissan North America

Name a time you interacted with someone who had a different and new perspective from yours.

1 Answers

Spoke about diversity in university and how it changed the way I work and learn with others. Less


How Bluetooth works?

1 Answers

I explained a very basic algorithm of Bluetooth technology including the frequency in which bluetooth operates. Less

Velodyne Lidar

Asked how to switch two variable without third variable. He said we can use python, C , C++

1 Answers

Answered it using python and tuple. He said tuple cannot be used to switch two variable. Seriously? Less


Written skills test

1 Answers

May be asked to take this prior to arrival, although I was had not been.


Work Experience? Testing instruments used

1 Answers

I have work experience as a Test Engineer and used different electrical instrumentssuch as Digital multimeter, CRO, DSO, meghommeter. Less


Tell me about your self. What do you know about the company? Do you have experience with soldering of the components?

1 Answers


Ford Motor Company

Conocimientos generales relacionado a la posición, eléctrico/electrónico

1 Answers

Validación de módulos

Navair Technologies

Given a right triangle with a line drawn from the vertex of the 90 degree angle to the hypotenuse, forming two similar right triangles. Given sides a, b, and c; solve for the unknown length if they give you a and b.

1 Answers

Use similar right triangles property to find proportional lengths of the triangles and apply pythag theorem Less

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