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Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Electronics Technician was asked...1 September 2009

If you were hired, where would you want your office to be?

18 Answers

I get an office? Sweet! Seriously, though, I'd want it to be near others who work on the same type of projects I do, so I can help and be helped accordingly. Less

next door to the boss

Doesn't matter. My cubicle has always been Seat 10A on United Airlines...

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Show me how to measure the dc voltage of a GPS device?

5 Answers

I used a multimeter and checked the dc voltage



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Alert Innovation

Basic Electronic questions

4 Answers

just answered to what I knew.

Thanks for the feedback. "Just answered to what I knew" is perfect. We're looking for those with confidence in their skills, but also have the humility to admit what they don't know. Less

Thanks for the feedback. "Just answered to what I knew" is perfect. We're looking for those with confidence in their skills, but also have the humility to admit what they don't know. Less

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Norfolk Public Schools

What is a potentiometer?

2 Answers

Volume knob etc

A knob that measures potential in equipment, (ex. volume knob or lighting dial, etc) Less


Would you like first shift or second shift?

2 Answers

second shift

Hello, how much was the pay for electronic technician , Invivo corporation Gainesville. Less


Would be able to go through, say 10 websites, and get bids and projects for us to work on?

2 Answers

Sounds like position for contracts administrator. Being resourceful and creative is necessary for this role, however what they probably didn't tell you is all the other stuff that will very soon become MANDATORY. Less

Forgot to mention that in order to receive a contract, there are several criteria that muah be met and achieved. Favoritism no longer has its merits as it did before. Less

BAE Systems

Trade based questions based around the aircraft platform applied for

2 Answers


Can any one share more light to how the trade based question structured? I am a bit overwhelmed on what to expect. Less


Why should I select you and not the next candidate?

2 Answers

"I can't really speak for the next candidate's qualifications but I can give you mine....." don't put the other person down, speak to your own abilities instead and allow him/her to make the choice. Less

Maintained focus of positive outlook of what I will bring to the team! Emphasized on my accomplishments in relevant work atmospheres! Keep it sweet, simple and to the point! Less

Triphase Technologies

Types of electronic devices and their functions

2 Answers

timer - it is used for time delay in a specific time time at a particular task is going on. It is also used to count the number of bytes in a cycle. realy - It is a electronic operted switch ,used to close and open in electromechanically and electronically. resistor - It is used to stop the suddenly flow of high or low vlotage supply . basically it is used in stabilizer. In the electronic devices there are two types of devices 1.active devices - thyresitor,diode,inductor,semiconductor 2.passive devices - resitor,capacitor,transformer. Less

Was there a written test before interview ?

Union Pacific

What is your full name?

2 Answers

Told them neighbors name, didn't go well

I told them my name.

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