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difference between Macro and typedef and their implementation

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One we use these in programs we will easily get it

RTOS featurs and memory footprints

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When is it appropriate to use local interface in EJBs

You have 2 light bulbs. You are in multistory building such that if you drop a bulb from a floor of a certain height or higher the bulb will break: for ex: if the bulb will break at a minimum height of 10th floor, then the bulb will break if dropped only if dropped from a floor higher than tenth floor. it will not break if dropped from ninth floor or less. using the two bulbs how will you figure out at which floor will the bulb break?

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How did you handle a situation when other person does is a stubborn and completely disagree with your point of view.

Come out with an algorithm for getting the column number provided the column name in a excel sheet and vice versa. Excel has a naming convention of A,B..Z,AA,AB,AC..ZZ,AAA... This had to be converted to the column numbers. A will be 1 and AA will 27.. Also the algorithm to find the name provided column number.

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Design a data structure for LRU cache

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Write implementation of ThreadPool

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Write implementation of HashMap

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