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Gaba Corporation
English Instructor was asked...15 June 2016

What's the difference between "hear" and "listen"? You must describe this to a low-level client.

6 Answers

Hear is mostly used in the context of level of sound. It is about whether a sound is audible or not. So, we say, "Can you hear me?" And the answer, "Yes, now I can hear you." Or, " I can't hear anything in this noise. You have to speak louder." You would not be able to replace hear with listen in any of these sentences. Of course, there are some contexts where audibility is not the issue. For example, one might say, "I hear Mr. Nagamoto is going to Germany next month." It refers to reporting on something that others have said. In contrast, the word listen is about the level of attention. Often, we miss what others are saying not because the level of sound is low but because our mind is busy thinking about something else. For example, "I listened to him very carefully and took notes while he was speaking." Or, a teacher may say to a student, "I don't think you heard anything of what I said because you were not listening." Less

Can someone explain the mock lesson in more detail? I'm trying to be as prepared as possible. Less

The mock lesson involves the interviewer pretending to be a low-level student or a student not clear on the question. You are the teacher and provide an answer. The best answers involve eliciting or drawing out the answer from the student or drawing a timeline (for frequency adverbs) or a photo on the net if possible etc...Be careful to talk at a slow pace and don't use more difficult words than those involved with the original question. Less

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Tell us a little about yourself.

2 Answers

Just basically repeated what I had wrote on my resume's introduction, since they have it there with them. Less

Hi, just wonder what else they asked you in the face-to-face interview? Many thanks. Less


Previous teaching experience to adults and/or to kids (doesn't necessarily have to be English)

2 Answers

hi, just wonder what else did they ask you in the interview? thank you.

I didn't have any so I was honest about it but said I am a quick learners and a clean slate so that I don't have to unlearn any previous teaching methods, which seems to be the problem with those who have been teaching for a while. Less


Tell me what the present perfect progressive is and give me an example.

2 Answers

I know what it is, and can use it, and have been using it all my life, but I can't define it for you. Less

We use the Present Perfect Progressive to show that something started in the past and has continued up until now. E.g. How long have you been teaching English for? Less

Diamond Language School

"We could get a Filipina here, but their English isn't good, right? It's not good, students don't like the Filipinas. What do you think?"

2 Answers

"Mm. I think it depends on the teacher, not the country?"

The principal and school ownership mentioned in this review are no longer part of Diamond Language School. Starting in April 2018, the school is under new ownership and management. Less

Gaba Corporation

Give an idiom that fits a travel theme?

2 Answers

Jump on the bandwagon

The previous answers are awful.. One is hardly and idiom and the other doesn't even fit the theme of travel! 'On the road' would be more fitting. Less


What is past perfect?

2 Answers

I couldn't answer it at the time, but they said not to worry.

We use the past perfect when we want to talk about an action that happened before a past event. E.g. Before I became an English teacher, I had worked for the government. Less

Gaba Corporation

I decided not to continue with the second interview as I was offered a teaching position at another school at the time. Interview question was: Explain the difference between "maybe" and "probably" as though you would to someone who has very little command of English.

2 Answers

I struggled a bit because it was so sudden and a bit of strange question on my part. Maybe it was my off day. So I did not really do a good job describing the difference. Less

I didn't really know the differences between those two words, so I predicted. Once, I was finished with the interview, I googled it. To my surprise, I was correct. Less

How would you deal with difficult students?

1 Answers

You should say anything reasonable. If you are white and speak English natively, they will hire you Less

The demo lesson was the most difficult part.

1 Answers

I prepared some useful phrases, role playing, sample conversations and asked everyone to present their personalized phone greeting with my own key targets (salutation, identification, preparation...). Less

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