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Grand Canyon University
Enrollment Counselor was asked...29 June 2015

STAR Method questions

3 Answers

I would have got up and walked out of that interview had an interviewing manager acted that way during an interview. If they act that inappropriate in an interview, imagine how bad it would be if you worked there! Less

Ps. The next interview was not with GCU.

Yeah I wish I would have. I told a few people about it. It was unbelievable. But in the end I went to another interview where they were very open and they made a point about me being comfortable so that they could really know my personality. You absolutely cannot know somebody's personality by interviewing like she did. It was a blessing in disguise and now I work 12 min from my home👍🏽 Less

University of Phoenix

What is the best way to manage people?

3 Answers

Attitude and motivation

Be sure to clarify manage or lead people they are two different methods. When you manage people you ensure that they are meeting metrics. To successfully to this they need to be first treated with respect and dignity, appropriately trained, given the opportunity to ask questions, be open, make suggestions. Your followers need to be coached, counseled and given positive as well feedback that could be taken as negative. And, never ask an employee what you yourself wouldn't do...be a great role model and others will follow. Less

Take the time to know each employee as an individual.

University of Phoenix

What are some ways you have experienced a supervisor not deal with things correctly?

2 Answers

(This is such a loaded question! OMG. I was definitely stumped for a few seconds.) I didn't use a personal example, because you should never talk negatively about a past supervisor. I said I've heard some friends that have supervisors who do not take the time to treat them as individuals and try to motivate them on a personal level. I explained that these friends feel frustrated at the end of the day because they feel their manager does not care about them. Less

The most important thing to remember about working there is to not let it get you down. Honestly, my manager would always negative and I hated the working enviironment. The asinine sales approach that UoP uses is pathetic. I am not an EC at a different University, and I found out within the first couple months just how much I was missing out by working at UoP. It truly is a classless organization. I do not know what your experience has been like there, but if they have been anything like mine just remember that UoPathetic is not where is starts and ends regardless of what the idiotic managers tell you. Less

CSU Global

Conducted mock phone call where an individual calls you and you pretend to be an enrollment counselor. Prior to the call, you will be sent links/resources to study the scenario for the program and school.

2 Answers

The interview lasts approximately 15 minutes, where you speak to someone pretending to be a student. Make sure you have a good understanding of all the resources they send you, and show good salesmanship during the call. Less

Can you provide the links and resources that were sent to you?

University of Phoenix

How do you feel about being on the phone all day (at work) and having your calls monitored?

2 Answers

I said that I expected a high volume of phone work, but added that I didn't consider the phone to be the only medium to effectively convey the school's message, nor did making a certain number of phone calls per day automatically translate into success. (This was obviously not the answer they wanted to hear.) I didn't follow up with a question on their motive for monitoring phone calls; I had all the information I needed without having to ask this question. Less

If you are asked about a fundamental piece of your job like, "How do you feel about being on the phone all day and having your call monitored or recorded?" and you are interviewing for a position as a customer service representative. You must always answer that you are super comfortable with that activity. If you can, you also want to give an example that shows why you are comfortable with that activity. So if you are asked "How do you feel about being on the phone all day and having your call monitored?" You can reply with something like, "Well, I feel really comfortable about that. I've always been someone who has spent way too much time on the phone. My phone bill is always been super expensive for me, and I have had siblings eavesdrops on my calls at random moments. Also my parents will eavesdrop on my calls. So really nothing will be different for me except now I get paid for it. So that's something I feel great about." Here we were able to give an example to prove that we are actually comfortable with these specific skill or requirement that they give. Less

Western Governors University

It has been seven years since I interviewed for employment. I have had interview for promotion and new positions, but they were internal. The most challenging question I was asked for a promotion to team lead: what was one negative situation that you had (with co-worker or prospective student), what did you do and how would you change it.

1 Answers

If you can get the pay range (sometimes they post it sometime they do not), go for just above the half way point. And be willing to accept slightly - emphasize slightly (no more than 3%) less. Less

Greenwood Hall

Why do you want to work in higher education?

1 Answers

It was challenging for me to get through school for financial reasons and I wanted the opportunity to help similar students achieve their educational goals. Less

The Art Institutes

What customer service skills do you have?

1 Answers

Do you have experience working with a college or college students?


what is the universities philosophy?

1 Answers

what would u change about your personality?


Previous sales or education experience.

1 Answers

Discussed my prior experience in detail.

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