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Epidemiologist was asked...6 June 2022

Describe a time when you demonstrated innovation. Questions related to time-management, multi-tasking, collaboration

CDC Foundation

What is your highest degree?

Wyoming Department of Health

Describe what I know about the organization and position.


Please walk me through your CV? What are your daily responsibilities in your current position?

Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Specifics about epidemiological data analysis

Williamson County and Cities Health District

Give an example of a time you did something thoughtful for your coworker.

Williamson County and Cities Health District

Do you have experience using statistical software?

Williamson County and Cities Health District

What would you do to investigate a disease outbreak in a childcare facility?

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Ask details about persons, place, and time,

Georgia Department of Public Health

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how your experience aligns with the job responsibilities? Describe your disease surveillance experience including conducting disease surveillance, monitoring and analyzing surveillance data and reporting results of surveillance in oral and written form. Please describe your comfort level and experience you have with Microsoft office and statistical analysis software (EPInfo, SAS, R, etc). Could you please discuss a project you have completed using one of these software's? Tell us about a situation where you were under a great deal of pressure because of numerous demands competing for your time. How did you approach and resolve the situation? Describe a situation that demonstrates how you exhibited initiative, resourcefulness and creativity in a previous work activity. What achievements in your career are you the most proud of? What made you apply for this position? Please describe your interest in working at the state health department in Georgia and why you'd be the best candidate? Describe any experience you have with teleworking? How did you keep yourself motivated and efficient while teleworking?

Illin​ois Department of Public Health

Tell me about yourself? Why did you decide to apply to this role?

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