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Event Project Manager was asked...28 October 2020

How do you manage your time?

3 Answers

I always belive time is more pricious .and I will clear the project with the expected time Less

I will give the bussness time to manage

I will be a good knowledge person so I will give the time with a expected limit

Allegiance (CA)

Once applying online, you are pretty much guaranteed an interview. They emailed me an automated email the next day and called me to set up an interview before I could even read the email. The admin (who called to schedule the interview) asked basic questions about experience regarding marketing and sales. The interview process is three parts. Your initial meet and greet with an account manager, who in my experience, spent the majority of the time talking about himself, skirted over company description and what opportunities are actually being offered. They are really looking to see if you are a decent face and someone who can converse easily.

1 Answers

The second interview you are set up with an account director for an all day shadow interview. They basically talk it up, then take you out with their team and each member is dropped off on a random street location to cover a territory for the day, aka walk in every business on the street selling promotion material, for this location example would be "$500 worth" of Padres Tickets for $50. The Fan Appreciation package. They each have a set pitch and tally the amount of "talks, presents, and closes" they make throughout the day. Less

Allegiance (CA)

You basically just follow the account director around while they do their job, walking into liquor stores, bars, barber shops, auto repair places, you name it all day. They take you to lunch and that is when they divulge the company business model as described above. They are very reluctant to talk about the fact that you are buying inventory to sell for profit, that you are not selling on behalf of the actual company. I made it clear over the phone, and in my first interview I was not looking for a field position but they push anyway because that is how their business works.

1 Answers

If you are looking for a multi-level marketing company, than this would be an amazing company for you! They are friendly, do work with some exciting clients, and if field sales are for you, this is your place. I turned down the opportunity before going back to do their "questionnaire" and "third interview" because it wasn't at all for me. Less

Outset Events

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why did you choose Outset Events? A lot of questions about me and my expectations.

1 Answers

The first one I was a little taken aback, mostly talked about family goals. Why Outset; because I read about the opportunity and wanted to see what it was all about. Less

Vibe Concepts

Would I be interested in a fast track management trainee program?

1 Answers

I said yes and no. I needed more information about the job and responsibilities, since the job title was confusing. They titled the position from a marketing standpoint so it changed the outlook of the position I thought I was interviewing for. Less


What are your weaknesses?

1 Answers

"My weakness is that it sometimes takes me a minute to figure out what makes people "tick" when trying to market/sell them a product, and finding that key to making them want to act on buying immediately." Less

Blitz Tampa

Vague. Do you like sales?

1 Answers

I was already suspect on the experience and asked to plainly explain what the role was. Less


Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

What is one weakness and one strength


Quelle est votre parcours

1 Answers

description de mon parcours

Why I was suitable for the job

1 Answers

Relevant experience, etc.

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