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Round 1: Aptitude Test -> There were questions based on Logical reasoning on sequence and series, age related questions etc. -> The other section was of Verbal Reasoning (English) which contained questions from short and long passages, finding mistake in a sentence, antonyms and synonyms, jumbled sentences etc. Overall the test was of moderate level and logical reasoning part was the easiest of all. Round 2: Technical Interview The questions asked during this round are- -> Tell me about yourself? -> My field of interest (If you are from non-IT branch, then why IT?) -> I did project on development (web development), so many questions were related to my project. -> What did you do in the project, How did you do it, what programming languages you used, did you learn from any training course or by self etc. -> Do you have any question for me? – Whenever interviewer ask you to ask him any question, then you should ask the question but only appropriate one like what will my training period be like, what are the work timings of your company etc. Round 3: HR interview The questions asked are- -> Introduce yourself -> Why CAPGEMINI? -> Why engineering? -> About family. -> What positions are we offering and in which you think you will suit best? (There was ppt before the interview and some questions were from it like name of offered positions, 7 values of the company, 10 reasons why to join the company etc.)

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The interview rounds were good. The interviewer was very frank. All you have to do is be confident and give answers clearly. The introduction question is the most common, so prepare it well. If you are learning any programming language then do some projects in it, it will be a plus point. If you can learn JAVA, then it will also be beneficial for you.

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