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Executive Coordinator was asked...23 December 2017

What skills make you a good fit for the position.

3 Answers

please could you write more questions that were asked?

Can you please tell us more questions that were asked.

As asked above, providing additional questions that were asked would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Less


Tell us about yourself.

2 Answers

Align your previous skills and experience with the position.

What was your onsite interview like? Thanks!

CRISTA Ministries

A lot about faith, goals, what would you do in this scenario, I'm going to give you very little information and I want you to tell me the best strategy for figuring this out...

2 Answers

Apparently horribly, because they couldn't even let me know they didn't want to hire me. Less

It is to your benefit that you didn't get a job there. You dodged a major stress bullet. Less

Pacific Forest Trust

They asked great questions, but I hit a nerve when I kept mentioning the word "professional." One of the interviewers really did not like that and they asked what professional meant to me because (as she pointed at her hoodie and jeans) that they do not dress professionally but they are a highly accredited non-profit.

2 Answers

I think what they meant was that they were afraid you would expect professional behavior and courtesy from them. You dodged a bullet. A friend warned me away from working here and I foolishly didn't listen. It was a nightmare. I was asked what my "spirit animal" was in the interview and it was just ridiculous but appeared to be something they took very seriously. Less

I explained how professionalism means being calm in the storm and although there are sometimes days that are hard or a lot of work, being professional means you can hold yourself together even amidst the high stress level. I ended up finding out I did not get the position a few days later following up my interview follow-up letter. The reason she gave me was their concern that their non-profit was too informal and chaotic for me. Less

I worked extremely diligently to acquire this position and show my utmost dedication, so I was completely ecstatic when I was offered the position. Upon being told my employment offer was being "retracted", I was devastated, but also felt humiliated.

1 Answers

I wholeheartedly believe this company needs to reexamine their level of professionalism, as this experience was absolutely horrifying and extremely unprofessional. I suffered mental and emotional pain after being put through this process and I know that this could have been avoided, had the company had proper organization and management that were well-equipped for their role. Less

Fundwise Capital

What are you wanting out of a job/company?

1 Answers

I want a job where I'm not showing up for a paycheck, I want to work for a company that respects and appreciates me. I want to add value to a company and be valued in return. Less

DigiPen Institute of Technology

How would you plan a birthday party?

1 Answers

Use point forms and quickly draft answers on a given simple paper and briefly explain answers. Less

Kaiser Permanente

Work experience and job related questions.

1 Answers



What attracted you to this job and Deloitte in general?

1 Answers

hi, I want to know how you have cleared the tax communication test. I'm unable to clear. Please need help. Lat year I got selected but was unable to join. Less


Do you have any questions for me?

1 Answers

HAVE QUESTIONS PREPARED!! A lot of the interview was actually me talking as much as her because she directed things to me/asked me if i had any questions for her a lot! Less

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