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In aptitude :- profit and loss, probability, permutation and combination, puzzles, number series, blood relation, data sufficiency. In JAM :- Topic is IOT for me. Technical :- Networks, IP address, MAC address, IPv6, IPv4, hub, LAN, switch, network topology, laptop configurations and other basic network questions.

1) What happens when you remove the cmos battery from a motherboard? 2) I give you a monitor, a cabinet, and a few cables. You connect the cables and start the system. But, there is no display coming. What might be the problem?

Technical Questions which were mainly on technology and also the payment terms

- My reason to apply for the post. - With my education background of Engineering why have I chosen a field of Social work. - My observations about the office I had come to for the interview - My understanding of the role

Rankine Cycle, Why is zeroth law called so, SOM, NPSH, Aerodynamics.

How will you lead this university into Top League in three years

about experience , why you are leaving etc