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Aparium Hotel Group
Sales Manager Executive Assistant was asked...3 September 2016

Hotel Experience?

1 Answers

Hospitality Experience?

Revel Systems

I was offered the role but the manager did not give me a chance to talk to anyone I would be working for.

1 Answers

This was a terrible experience. Obviously, they are hiding something here.

Danwood Group

they just went through my CV at each interview and outlined the role

1 Answers

as above


not allowed to disclose

1 Answers

Not allowed to disclose


rate yourself from 1-10

1 Answers

Of course you're always gonna rate yourself a 10!

Imperial Corporate Events

Describe your last job with one swear word

1 Answers

I swore

DB Schenker

How are you used to receiving commissions?

1 Answers



Tell us how you have applied diageo leadership standard in your previous role.

1 Answers

One of Diageo Leadership standard is seeking improvement.


What would you do to increase sales in department X?

Central Technologies

Nothing unusual, just discussed realistic expectations and experiences.

1 Answers

Be real, be yourself, and be honest. Easy guys to talk to.

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