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Executive Sales Trainee Interview Questions


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How would you sell a product like, Blackberry cell phone, pencil, playing cards.

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Each question needs to be broken down logically, user base which uses the product, the utility of the product, how this product is having competitive advantage over the other available options, in India warranty is pivotal in making purchase decision so what kind of warranty and how it is better than others. So you need to break down a product to all the very basic elements and address each one of them in detail.

Why are you choosing insurance industry

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How much business will you be able to do for the company in case you are selected. ?

Q. Why Sales? Q This is an inbound sales, so will you be able to do it? Q. Sales is accompanied with targets, so ready for the challenge? Q. Sale a Smartphone in competition to Blackberry.

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Introduction, family background, challenge you have faced and how you over come them? Why MBA? Any ques for us?

They asked me about my family background. About sales and if i am selected and posted in area as companies sales representative what will i do the first three things.

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