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www.facebook.com /  HQ: Menlo Park, CA

111 Interviews

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www.dreamtek.tv /  HQ: London

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www.nexorevolution.com /  HQ: San Antonio

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facebook Interview Questions

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what is your name ?

5 Answers

Tell your name

My Name is Sneha Gangaprasad Tiwari.

That's a tough one.

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what do you expect to learn from facebook? (this was unexpected, not difficult)

5 Answers

About my college education.

3 Answers

Move zeros to end of given array.

8 Answers

Tell me why you want this role?

3 Answers

When do you feel challenged or stressed?

3 Answers

The only difficulty u will facebook to get in facebook is 1st round itself because u r supposed to code 3 question in 90 minutes.

1 Answer

Can you think of any new features that will benefit Facebook users as well as advertisers?

1 Answer

Logical Question, Scenario Based, What is SUMIF in Excel

2 Answers

Asked a lot of things regarding "what if" and "what if not" . . . They wanted to see where i was headed in life. Very specific to my CV and accomplishments till now.

1 Answer
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