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Mole concept , chemical kinetics, equilibrium , metallurgy , p block elements , d and f block elements , atomic structure , solid state , solutions, electrochemistry these are the main chapters

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They didn't asked organic chemistry?

Subject knowledge based on the Demo. The question asked are basically HR relationships. They never create too many complications for the freshers, but still their main motto is to hire a candidate at minimum wage.

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1-How many triads were discovered by Dobereiner? Ans 5 2- Formula of Palmitic acid, stearic acid 3- Examples of cross ploymers, thermosetting polymers etc.

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in demo any questions will be asked on your subject and should be ready to answer

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Difference between solid sols and colloids .

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You can give a demo on any topic you feel like,

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Group discussion topic: Does size really matters? (No elimination) Demo: Questions not only from the demo topic but also your overall knowledge of the subject. HR Interview: Salary and flexibility of working across the centres.Family commitments.

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