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Failure Analysis Technician was asked...17 August 2015

How do you feel about working at night, compressed shifts? (paraphrased)

1 Answers

I told them it was not easy but that I had done it for a number of years and had adapted to the point that I think I actually work better at night and have more energy. Less

CSAT Solutions

If you had to diagnose a pc that failed to power up, how would you proceed?

1 Answers

I start with the basics, first checking the power supply connectors to make sure there is no damage on the wires or connectors. If the power failure moved past that, I would find the power circuit on the motherboard and start my diagnostics on the first components by probing them with a multimeter...etc... Less


What is one key thing you need to set when making SEM images (paraphrased)

1 Answers

Working distance (correct)

Intel Corporation

Most are technical and behavioral questions.

1 Answers

Show all your work to assure engineers that you know electronics..back to basics, NAND and OR exclusive as well for different transistors gates, circuit analysis. Behavioral consists of, How do you deal with difficult people? What if your manager turns down your idea, how do you handle it? How do you interact with your peers on a daily basis? Less


Tell me about your self

1 Answers

Introduce my current work and postion and my past work experience. And how i develop my skills in technical analysis. Less


What is your greatest strength and worst attribute.


Standard grouping of questions.

T S M C, North America

Phone Interview: 1. Why do you want to work for TSMC 2. What made you want to apply for Failure Analysis Technician? 3. Tell me about your greatest achievement 4. Tell me about the hardest thing you've done whether it'd be school, work, etc. and how did you overcome it? 5. Tell me about your academic projects and your work experience


Describe your previous experience. Why do you like this particular role?

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