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Have you repaired any electrical item. What how next time if encountered how different u will do that.

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Have you heard back from them? What is the next step?

Hey , Have you applied for Field Engineer for global opportunities 2018 or earlier(India)???? I have given the Hirevue digital video interview a month back. But, I have not heard back from them. Can you tell me how much it takes for the procedure???? Any help is highly appreciated!! Thanks

Hey have you applied for Field Engineer for Global Operations 2018(India)?????? I gave the Hirevue digital video interview a month back but haven't heard back from them. How long does it take for the procedure????? Thanks for helping

Why did you leave your previous company?

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Family status

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Are you willing to work anywhere in India

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What is your long term plan?

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What will you do if your worker has lost his hand and at the same time you cannot stop the work since it will cost millions of dollars to the company??

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What is chromatography?

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how does a laptop charger work

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Q: Would you shift to Northeast if company requires?

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Was asked to design a circuit that could work normally with power supply on that could be powered by a battery once the supply was turned off.

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